Thursday, 8 March 2018

Six Years of Blogging

Shortly after the new year I realized that I've been writing this blog for 6 years now.

I have published over 75 posts and a lot of them are in long series. If you happen to discover this blog in the middle of one of those, it may be difficult to find you way back to the start of the series, or to find out what else is here that might interest you. So I took the time to create a site map, which is live on the blog now, and can be accessed via the link at the right end of the row of links near the top of the page, just under the orange rectangle with the title and tag line. I've also started to put a list of links to all the other posts in a series at the bottom of each post in the series--this should be all done in the next few weeks.

In the process of setting up the site map I got a little distracted and stopped to read some of the earlier posts that I hadn't looked at in a while. I wasn't expecting to be very impressed with that early work, but actually I find myself quite happy with it and would change very little if I had it over to do again.But to judge from the number of page views for posts before 2016, only a very few people have bothered to go back and have a look at those early posts.

I can certainly recommend the first 10 posts as a good introduction to what I'm talking about here.

The Early Days

Emergency Preparation and Deliberate Descent were my first looks at what individuals, families and communities can do to cope in the age of scarcity.

Emergency Preparation

Deliberate Descent

In Business as Usual, Crunchiness and Woo I took a closer look at the lack of a reality based response from both the BAU (Business As Usual) people and the counterculture or "Crunchy" folks, and what a reality based response might actually look like.

Business as Usual, Crunchiness and Woo

For those who are eagerly awaiting more on what individuals, family and communities might do to weather the collapse of industrial civilization, that will be the subject of my next series of posts. Before going ahead with that, though, I'm going to update the "About Me" section of the blog, with some more detailed autobiographical notes.


Don Hayward said...

Congratulations Irv.

Irv Mills said...

Thanks, Don!
Where does the time go. But I guess, 77 posts later, I shouldn't few like it was all wasted.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I found your blog, Irv, but it looks like (from comments I made on the 'about me' page) that it was about Nov 2016. I was so impressed I went back and read all the previous posts!
Keep writing. It's rare to find someone who has most, if not all, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in place. I'm still putting my pieces together. You've helped enormously.

Unknown said...

Way to go Irv- It's been great reading.I look forward to seeing where you'll go in the next 6 years.

Irv Mills said...

Thanks, Bev! When you find any of those puzzle pieces that I don't yet have, please let me know.

Irv Mills said...

@ Brian Dalton
I'm looking forward to seeing that, too. I have ideas for another few months worth of posts, but after that, well, we'll have to see where events take us. Interesting times...