Monday, 3 April 2017

What I've Been Reading, March 2017

A few minutes late for sunset over Lake Huron, April 2, 2017


These links appear in the order I read them, rather than any more refined sort of organization. Some of the best ones are near the bottom.



I read three Ken MacLeod books this month. The Corporation Wars series (a third is due out near the end of 2017) are top-notch cyber space opera, and deal thoughtfully with artificial intelligence/consciousness issues. Intrusion tells a good human story involving at biotech and the surveillance state.


The non-fiction I've been reading this month is full of ideas which will show up over the next few weeks on this blog.


Anonymous said...

Irv, I checked out some of your links and it looks like they all return to your own page instead of going to the linked article. Can you check please?

Irv Mills said...

Thanks for catching that, Bev!
I have fixed the problem and everything seems to be working now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Irv. Never sure whether the problems are in my own computer or not. Now I can start reading.