Sunday, 31 December 2017

What I've Been Reading, December 2017


These links appear in the order I read them, rather than any more refined sort of organization. You may find some of the best ones are near the bottom—it varies from month to month.



  • Out in the Open by Jesus Carrasco
  • The End of the World Running Club by Adrian J. Walker
  • Down Station by Simon Morden
  • Who's Afraid by Maris Lewis
    I normally don't read books about werewolves, vampires or zombies. I picked this one (which is about werewolves) up in a bookstore, and without the benefit of the kind of description Amazon provides, I didn't know what i was getting into. Not a bad read, but even though it begs for a sequel, if one comes out I won't be reading it.


And to round out this month, here are some gems from my bookshelf:


Robert Callaghan said...

great shit dude

Brian Dalton said...

Irv you've given me more new year's reading than I can hope to get to but...
thanks Brian

Joe said...

I have trouble believing that all those sub-Saharan countries in Africa are really experiencing a low water stress level

That does seem strange, what with the shrinking of Lake Chad and the conflicts over the water in the rivers that feed it.

But it might also be true that since most of the Sahel is not really suitable for high intensity agriculture, people just live with what they can grow from scant rainfall or from groundwater around wadis. The definition of "stress" in the article was use of water beyond that which can be naturally renewed so maybe people who don't have much water at all don't use more than what is available.

Irv Mills said...

@Robert and Brian
Thanks for your positive comments.

Your hypothesis may well be correct, but honestly I'm sticking with the idea that it is a simple mistake on the diagram.