Sunday, 18 December 2016

Political Fantasies, Political Realities

Sunset on Lake Huron, Dec. 18, 2016,
not far from where I live.

A while back I did a series of posts entitled A Political Fantasy. The idea was what would I tell our Prime Minister if he should actually ask me for advice on how to run the country in the age of scarcity. Small chance that that would ever happen, or that he would take my advice if he did get it, but it made for a good way of getting some ideas across.
In the new year I'll be doing two or three book reviews as a way of covering some concepts that need to be set up before I start another series of posts entitled Political Realities--Collapse, Step by Step. The original series appeared here before I caught on to posting links to my blog in a few choice locations. Readership has gone up considerably since then, which is good, but it means that relatively few of you have seen that series. Having read A Political Fantasy before we start on Political Realities might be a good idea, so here is a list of links:
A little light reading to see you through the holiday season. ;) And speaking of that, best holiday wishes to all my readers. Take care of yourselves--I'll see you in 2017.


Anonymous said...

Nice holiday reading indeed! I've just finished The Great Contraction and left a comment there, so don't know if you look at old comments or not. Will enjoy reading all the rest.

Harquebus said...

Thanks for the links Irv. Is the article available as a single .pdf?
Best wishes to you and yours too.

Irv Mills said...

foodnstuff, I do look at comments on older posts and will reply there soon.

Irv Mills said...

Harquebus, I made up a pdf, quick and dirty, but I hope you will find it useful. 65 pages-- I hadn't realized this series of posts added up to so much text.
I have uploaded it to Google drive, with the sharing set so anyone with the link can access the file. The link is:

Let me know if this works for you and if so, I'll add it to the post.

Irv Mills said...

Harquebus, it looks like you'll have to copy that link and paste it into your browsers address bar.

Anonymous said...

I did what you recommended and it has worked OK, but I can only save it as a bookmark in my browser and not as a pdf on my hard disc. Still it's all there in one piece and that's good enough. I've put all the separate links onto my blog. Doubt if anyone will read it though; they're only interested in food-growing stuff. You've put so much work into these posts that they deserve to be more widely read.

Irv Mills said...

Sorry this response took so long , Bev. We visited our daughter and her family in Ottawa for Christmas and I picked up a dose of stomach flu (probably norovirus). Just now starting to feel better.
When I open that pdf in my browser (Firefox, Chrome of Edge) there are three icon in the upper right corner of the window: PRINT (icon of a printer), DOWNLOAD (a downward pointing arrow) and OTHER ACTION (three dots in a vertical row). Click on the DOWNLOAD icon and you can save the pdf file on you hard rive and open it with Acrobat Reader.
If this doesn;t work for you, please let me know.